Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Четврто меѓународно биенале во мала графика - Тетово 2008

Fourth International Biennial of Mini Prints - Tetovo 2008

The launch of this associate with us, The Fourth International Mini-print Graphics 2007 - according to the tradition on doorsteps by the entrance to the Europen Union, we are meditating as a cosmopolite. The troubles in this regions are as same as they are in all countries. The culturals and traditions autochthonous, are endangered by the recently urbanized man who is looking for to reclaim the heritage. New age named “The architecture of the new time” indeed is consequence from a mathematical function which doesn’t look after to the captured space. Macedonia have had over four thousand archaeological area from: early neolith, classical, roman, up to late middle century. How can we preserve them? The battle against trading with antiques and ”businessmen” is the biggest problem of all countries from the third world. As it’s with ours. “The rich” always find the way how to get what do they want in. The past, present and the future are the one’s nations identity. We are actively seeking for:to work on popularization to the diversity of one another to one after the other, and with your graphics to send a massage for: LET’S PROVIDE THE PROTECTION OF SMALL NATIONS’ CULTURAL HERITAGE!
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