Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cover to MAPUCHE's album

So I was glad to made a woodcut that cover this nice album.
"Producer, musician and now manager of seal (SIC Music) Isaac Varzim advances in its rite of passage with the design sense and Mapuche shows tonight at the festival Floripa Noise, second album, entitled Lowlands.

Sanctity succeeds surprisingly, released last year. Now, the former member of the duo Superpose invests further in testing the fusion of electronic and organic music. A contemporary work that keeps the thin tract and insight of its predecessor, with sorbed indie melodies and synthesized elements (synthpop and house), low-fidelity (lo fi) and downtempo, which refers to another level of sensory stimulation. LCD Soundsystem's school did a good job.
The album has five tracks and will be released digitally on the website of Sic Music ( Sales open today directly on the website or by Album Magazine edited by the seal, which brings only a graphic composition and visual design _ illustrated by Alex Lettnin engraver.
The album has a code to download the album. Those who prefer the warm wafer may appear in the Lounge Zhivago soon, 23h, and watch the show the band".

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