Monday, May 19, 2008


Betanzos is a municipality in Galicia, Spain, in the Province of A Coruña. Betanzos was formerly called by its ancient Latin name Brigantium.The town is located in a fertile valley close to the Atlantic Ocean, and it has one of the best preserved old quarters in Galicia. Noteworthy is the Igrexa de San Francisco (St Francis Church), erected in 1387 by order of count Fernán Pérez de Andrade, whose tomb, decorated with hunting scenes, can be seen inside of the church. The Igrexa de Santiago (St Jacques Church), built in the 15th century by the guild of tailors, has a main portal decorated with a horseback statue of Saint Jacques. Other sights in the town are several town palaces, a 16th-century clock tower, and the town walls, which preserve three of their original four gates. There are two celebrations in Betanzos in August each year. At the festival of San Roque, a very large paper balloon is launched. And later in August, decorated boats sail along the river to the nearby Os Caneiros. Each two years, on september, trere are this nice international biennial of paintings where we can apreciate the works hanging in the old balconys.
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