Sunday, May 04, 2008


Instalation ~ 60 cm perimeter x 350 cm ~ print on plastic bubble sheets ~ 2008

When first time I arrived in Pavé d'Orsay, I've seen that, in the center of the exhibition's room, there was two white poles; so, in that moment, I began to work in a concept, trying to integrate them on the exhibition. The two white poles means to me "repetition" and a clean base to show some kind of print. I choose to use the plastic bubble sheets because it is a kind of poor material, it is transparent and have a surface that 'calls' people to touch it. Using a simple cork (take form a good bootle of french wine) and acrilyc paint, I've print two identic targets, one to each pole.
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Letícia Costa Gomes said...

oi guri, gostei bastante desta instalação, criativa como o dono da idéia!!! Bjk!!!